How long will it take

How long will it take?

We aim to respond to your contact with our Office as quickly as possible. Our response time will vary depending on which of our functions you are using and who your complaint or enquiry is about. And of course, each matter is different, and the timing will depend on the nature and complexity of your matter.

We want to give you an idea of how long it might take for us to deal with your matter. Take a look below.

Complaints about ACT Government agencies

When you complain to us about an ACT government agency, how long it takes will depend on what we can do with your matter.

  • In many cases, we can quickly give you advice or point you to an avenue that may assist to resolve your matter faster. We aim to give you this advice within 7 days. About 60 per cent of complaints are finalised in this way.
  • Often, we need to look further into your complaint but can then give you an answer. This might involve getting more information from you or from the agency, or conducting some research. We aim to finalise these cases within 30 days. This means that in total, about 90 per cent of complaints are finalised within 30 days.
  • Some complaints need a more detailed investigation to seek information from the agency complained about. Investigations usually take up to 90 days, although some are more complex and take longer. We’ll keep you updated if this happens in your case. Overall, 95 per cent of complaints should be finalised within 90 days, and 99 per cent within 12 months.

Other enquiries

For all other enquiries, we aim to respond to 90 per cent within 7 days, and to 95 per cent within 30 days.

ACT Freedom of Information reviews

When you ask us to review a freedom of information decision of an ACT government agency or minister, how long it takes will depend on the how complicated your matter is. We will update you regularly as we consider your review request.

  • In some cases, we can resolve your review request through informal resolution. We aim to do this within six weeks. About 30 per cent of review requests are finalised within six weeks.
  • Where a formal decision by the Ombudsman is required, your review request is expected to take 12 weeks to finalise. About 60 per cent of review requests are finalised within 12 weeks.
  • Some review requests are complicated and need to be carefully considered. These usually take up to six months, although a small number are even more complex and will take longer. A review request may also take longer to finalise where agencies take time to provide copies of relevant documents to allow a review to commence. Overall, 95 per cent of review requests should be finalised within six months.

ACT reportable conduct

When we receive a new notification from an organisation about an allegation of reportable conduct (s 17G notification), we assess the initial response by the organisation, such as its reporting to other bodies, its risk assessment and investigation plan. This allows the organisation to take into account our feedback during its investigation. We aim to do this within 7 days in 80 per cent of cases.

When we receive a final report from an organisation following its investigation into reportable conduct allegations (s 17J report) we consider whether there was a proper investigation and appropriate action taken and whether we need further information from the organisation. This gives the organisation reasonable opportunity to act on our feedback or provide further information. We aim to complete this within 28 days in 80 per cent of cases.