What you can expect from us

When you complain to the Ombudsman's Office, you can expect:

  • professional and courteous attention
  • independent and impartial assessment of your complaint and advice about your options
  • confidential, prompt and free investigation, if appropriate, in a manner that is fair to all concerned
  • clear explanations about what we can and cannot do and why
  • clear explanations for decisions we make
  • to be kept informed of our progress.

In providing our complaints service, we:

  • will make it easy to complaint to us
  • decide whether we can or should investigate a complaint
  • seek appropriate solutions to a complaint when we investigate
  • deal with complaints in a fair and effective way
  • promote improved administration by ACT Government agencies.

Our values

We are committed to high standards when delivering our services. Our values include:

  • independence
  • impartiality
  • integrity
  • accessibility
  • professionalism.

Unhappy about us?

Your feedback is welcome, even if it is not critical. Feedback helps us improve our services, see Unhappy with us.