Disclosure Log

Disclosure Log

The table below lists information that our Office has released since 1 January 2018 in response to access applications, except where that information contains personal information.

Date of publication

Access application

Information requested


Information released

(paid or waived)

spent on application

Person(s) who may apply to the Ombudsman for review

Review status

7/2/20192019-500421Skilled visa statistical informationNo Information heldN/AN/A1 hourApplicantNo Ombudsman or ACAT review
11/1/20192018-510174Annual report hearings briefing materialsPartial releaseBriefing materialN/A14 hourApplicantNo Ombudsman or ACAT review


2018-507471Information on certain property blocks in Kingston ACTNo information heldN/AN/A1 hours
ApplicantNo Ombudsman or ACAT review

Application for review of decisions on access applications may be made in writing to the ACT Ombudsman. To do so, applicants or affected persons should write to the Ombudsman requesting a review:

In most cases, you must apply for an Ombudsman review within 20 working days after the day that notice of the decision was published on the above disclosure log.

A further option for review of decisions on access applications may be available under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1989. Advice about pursuing this option may be obtained from a qualified legal practitioner.