FOI request

Making an FOI request of the Ombudsman's Office


The object of the Freedom of Information Act 2016 (the FOI Act) is to extend, as far as possible, the ACT community's right of access to information held by ACT agencies and Ministers of the ACT Government.

We must make a decision about an FOI application within 20 working days. This period is extended if consultations are required. For FOI requests to the Ombudsman’s office there is no application fee. There may be processing charges under certain circumstances, but they may be reduced or waived on grounds including hardship or the public interest.

Making an FOI request

Before you make an FOI request please check the information on our Open Access page as the information you seek may already be publicly available.

If you wish to make an FOI request, you should email us on or write to our Office (see our Contact us page for details) and address all correspondence to the Information Officer. Please include the address at which you wish to receive correspondence.

It would be helpful if you can specify the documents you seek in as much detail as possible.

The Ombudsman has authorised the Deputy Ombudsman, all Senior Assistant Ombudsmen, and officers in the Legal and Information Access Team to grant or refuse requests for access.

If you would like further information on how to request access to ACT Government information, please see our fact sheet Accessing information under the Freedom of Information Act 2016 .

Documents available without an FOI request

Ombudsman staff are able to provide certain kinds of documents without an FOI request, including:

  • documents previously and lawfully provided by or to the complainant by the Ombudsman's office or someone else on the complainant’s behalf
  • records of telephone conversations involving the complainant
  • some database entries relating to the person who made the complaint.

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