Who else can help

We cannot help you with complaints about:

  • the actions of ACT Government ministers or politicians
  • Commonwealth government agencies
  • private individuals
  • environmental management and sustainability
  • decisions of courts and tribunals
  • public service employment
  • disability services
  • health services
  • services for children and young people
  • services for older people
  • telecommunications (phone, internet, mobile).

However, the following guide outlines organisations who can help you with your complaint in the ACT.

If you are unsure who to contact, call us on 02 6276 3773 and we will help you identify the appropriate organisation.

Organisations who can help you with your complaint



Who to complain to

Aged care

Respite, home maintenance

ACT Human Rights Commission

Aged care facilities

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission


In the workplace

Worksafe ACT

Children and youth


ACT Human Rights Commission


ACT Human Rights Commission

Abuse and misconduct

ACT Ombudsman

Consumer goods

Online shopping, misleading claims

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Defence Force

Administrative matters, abuse

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Disability services

Home help, respite, accommodation, education

ACT Human Rights Commission


Accommodation, housing, education, employment, transport etc

ACT Human Rights Commission


Tertiary education: CIT, UC

ACT Ombudsman

Private education

Commonwealth Ombudsman

VET student loans, VET Fee-Help loans

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Primary, secondary education

ACT Human Rights Commission


ACT environment and sustainability

Commissioner for Sustainability and Environment


ACTEWAGL, Energy Australia

ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal


Banks, superannuation

Australian Financial Complaints Authority


Hospitals, medical centres doctors, nurses,

ACT Human Rights Commission

Health insurance

Commonwealth Ombudsman


Visa’s, detention, customs

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Overseas students

Complaints about private education providers

Commonwealth Ombudsman

Police and legal system

ACT police

Commonwealth Ombudsman

ACT Judges

ACT Judicial System

Postal operator

Australia Post, Star Track etc

Commonwealth Ombudsman



Office of Australian Information Commissioner


Telephone, mobile, internet

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman


Action buses

ACT light rail

ACT Ombudsman


ICON Water

ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal


Public interest disclosures about an ACT government agency

Public Sector Standards Commissioner

Complaints about the Public Sector Standards Commission response to a public interest disclosure

ACT Ombudsman

Workplace rights

Workplace rights for young people

Young Workers Centre Advice Service

Veterinary services

ACT veterinary services

ACT Human Rights Commission

Victims of Crime

Victims of crime

ACT Victim Support