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How can I get a review of my decision?

If you disagree with our decision you can ask us to review it. You must request a review in writing within three months of being told of our decision.

A senior officer who was not involved in the original assessment of your complaint will conduct the review. The review will consider:

  • how the investigating officer reviewed your decision and whether they addressed all the issues you raised
  • the officer's conclusions and whether they were properly explained to you.

The review officer may:

  • agree with the decision of the original investigation officer
  • change the decision of the original investigation officer
  • send the matter back to the original investigation officer or another officer for further investigation.

We aim to complete reviews within thirty days. The review officer will send you a letter advising you of the outcome of the review.

We will only review a matter once.

Send your request for a review to ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.au using the Review request form.

Can I seek an external review of an Ombudsman decision?

Yes. You can seek an external review of our decision. You can:

  • first ask us for a statement of reasons for a decision we have made about your complaint
  • then you can apply to the Supreme Court for a review of certain aspects of a decision we have made about your complaint.

To ask for an external review email us at ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.au or call us on 02 6276 3773.

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