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Abbreviations and acronyms

ACT Australian Capital Territory
ACTCS ACT Corrective Services
ACTPG ACT Property Group
ACTPLA ACT Planning and Land Authority
ACTRO ACT Revenue Office
AFP Australian Federal Police
AFP ActAustralian Federal Police Act 1979 (Cth)
AMC Alexander Maconochie Centre
BRC Belconnen Remand Centre
Complaints ActComplaints (Australian Federal Police) Act 1981 (Cth)
CMACorrections Management Act 2007 (ACT)
Cth Commonwealth
DAS Domestic Animal Services
FOI freedom of information
FOI ActFreedom of Information Act 1989 (ACT)
GST Goods and Services Tax
IPCPActIntoxicated People (Care and Protection) Act 1994 (ACT)
NSW New South Wales
Ombudsman ActOmbudsman Act 1989 (ACT)
Ombudsman Act (Cth)Ombudsman Act 1976 (Cth)
PCT Public Contact Team
PID public interest disclosure
PID ActPublic Interest Disclosure Act 1994 (ACT)
Prof. Professor


Compliance Index

Transmittal certificate

Section A: Performance and financial management reporting
A.1 The organisation
A.2 Overview
A.3 Highlights
A.4 Outlook
A.5 Management discussion and analysisN/A*
A.6 Financial reportN/A*
A.7 Statement of performanceN/A*
A.8 Strategic indicatorsN/A*
A.9 Analysis of agency performance

Section B: Consultation and scrutiny reporting
B.1 Community engagement
B.2 Internal and external scrutinyN/A*
B.3 Legislative Assembly Committee inquiries and reports
B.4 Legislative report

Section C: Legislative and policy based reporting
C.1 Risk management and internal auditN/A*
C.2 Fraud preventionN/A*
C.3 Public interest disclosure
C.4 Freedom of information
C.5 Internal accountability
C.6 HR performanceN/A*
C.7 Staffing profileN/A*
C.8 Learning and developmentN/A*
C.9 Workplace health and safetyN/A*
C.10 Workplace relationsN/A*
C.11 Strategic Bushfire Management PlanN/A*
C.12 Strategic asset managementN/A*
C.13 Capital worksN/A*
C.14 Government contractingN/A*
C.15 Community grants/assistance/sponsorship
C.16 Territory records
C.17 Human Rights Act 2004
C.18 Commissioner for the Environment
C.19 ACT Multicultural Strategy
C.20 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reporting
C.21 Ecologically sustainable development
C.22 ACT Women's Plan

N/A: element not applicable regarding annual reporting compliance

The ACT Ombudsman is neither a public authority nor an administrative unit within the meaning of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 (ACT). Consequently, the ACT Ombudsman is unable to report against some aspects of the Chief Minister’s Annual Report Directions 2008–2009. Reporting on these issues and whole-of-government issues is provided for the office as a whole through the Commonwealth Ombudsman Annual Report 2008–2009.


List of tables and figures


Table 1 Summary of achievements against performance indicators, 2008–09
Table A1 Approaches and complaints received and finalised about ACT Government agencies, 2008–09, Ombudsman Act 1989 (ACT) (including freedom of information)
Table A2 Report omissions and reasons for non-compliance


Figure 1 Approaches and complaints received about ACT Government agencies, 2004–05 to 2008–09
Figure 2 Time taken to finalise approaches and complaints about ACT Government agencies, 2008–09