Investigation reports




  • Public Statement about a reportable conduct investigation
    This statement is about an investigation into the response of the Education Directorate (the Directorate) to an allegation of reportable conduct about a teacher and their interactions with a student. We have conducted a thorough investigation of this matter and have provided a comprehensive report on our findings to the Directorate, but due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, will not be releasing the report or otherwise discussing the investigation. However, the Ombudsman has decided to release this public statement to highlight two issues which may be of interest to other organisations covered by the reportable conduct scheme, being the interplay between reportable conduct and workplace relations, and the importance of employees having a clear understanding of what constitutes reportable conduct, or what to do if such conduct was observed.


  • Investigation of a complaint about certain procurement matters
    This report is about the investigation of a complaint about certain procurement matters. It relates to the Procurement and Capital Works, a part of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate and the ACT Health Directorate. The Ombudsman considers that the confidence of contractors in ACT government procurement processes can be improved by consideration of this report and its recommendations.




  • June 2011: Housing ACT: Assessment of an application for priority housing
    Many ACT residents in need of priority public housing are missing out due to procedural shortcomings within Housing ACT (now part of the new Community Services Directorate), according to ACT Ombudsman Allan Asher. The Ombudsman’s report into these issues is illustrative of dozens of similar Housing ACT-related complaints investigated by his office over recent years, noting that while the agency had acknowledged many of his findings with respect to individual cases, it had yet to address the root causes of problems. Housing ACT has agreed, or agreed in principle, with three of the Ombudsman’s four recommendations, which include that the agency should clearly explain its application procedures and provide assistance where necessary; and review both its policy for triaging applications and the way it re-assesses applications. Mr Asher said he was concerned that ACT residents were not being given access to fair, just and transparent Government services and called upon agencies to use the free advice gained via complaints to make improvements.



  • Nov 2006: ACT Department of Treasury: Report on delayed objection decision
    On 16 March 2004, Mr A objected to the ACT Revenue decision to impose a 100% penalty for an improper claim of the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). Mr A pursued the matter with ACT Revenue and the ACT Ombudsman on a number of occasions.
  • Aug 2007: Housing ACT: Rental rebate calculation
    Report by the ACT Ombudsman on the calculation of rental rebates by Housing ACT. This is an abridged version of report 02|2007. The full report has not been made publicly available due to the amount of personal detail it contains.
  • June 2006: University of Canberra Union
    The investigation into a complaint by a former employee of the University of Canberra Union that the termination of his employment was an unlawful reprisal under the ACT Public Interest Disclosure Act was completed in June 2006.