Disclosure log

This disclosure log lists information released by the ACT Ombudsman from 1 January 2018, in response to a freedom of information request (open access application). Personal information is not released.

Date of publication

Access application

Information requested


Information released

(paid or waived)

spent on application

Person(s) who may apply to the Ombudsman for review

Review status

01/05/20242024-102699Information around ACT FOI Requests made to the ACT OmbudsmanFull releaseACT FOI spreadsheet statisticsN/A4ApplicantNo Ombudsman or ACAT review
4/09/20202020-100995access to documents and government information relating to the ACT Ombudsman's enquiry into the Policies (your reference 2020-1-0016) as they relate to. ……’Access refused Section 1.12(c)N/AN/A8


No Ombudsman or ACAT review.

31/03/20202020-100133Reasons for the conclusion that ACTEWAGL is outside the Ombudsman's jurisdictionPartial releasere request for legal adviceN/A12 ApplicantOmbudsman review- decision confirmed
7/2/2019 2019-500421 Skilled visa statistical information No Information held N/A N/A 1 hour Applicant No Ombudsman or ACAT review
11/1/2019 2018-510174 Annual report hearings briefing materials Partial releaseBriefing material N/A 14 hour Applicant No Ombudsman or ACAT review


2018-507471 Information on certain property blocks in Kingston ACT No information held N/A N/A 1 hours Applicant No Ombudsman or ACAT review
21/12/20232021-104643Right to Know - I would like to see all information relating to the Pfizer, Moderna vaccine dealsNo information heldN/AN/A1 hoursApplicantNo Ombudsman or ACAT review

Request a review

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your access application you can seek a review.

Requests for a review must be in writing. Please email us actfoi@ombudsman.gov.au or post to 
GPO Box 442, Canberra ACT 2601.

In your request, please outline why you believe the decision about your access application was incorrect and what outcome you are seeking. We recommend that you should include a copy of the decision-record, where available. Use the Applying for an Ombudsman Review form to ensure you include all the required information.

In most cases, you must apply for an Ombudsman review within 20 days after the day the notice of the decision was published in the above disclosure log

Another option for review of decisions on access applications may be available under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1989. Advice about pursuing this option may be obtained from a qualified legal practitioner.