Did they do what they said they would? Reviewing our Recommendations Volume 2

17 October 2022 –Did They Do What They Said They Would? Volume2 – Ombudsman report about agencies’ implementation of recommendations.

The Commonwealth and ACT Ombudsman, Iain Anderson today published a report, Did They Do What They Said They Would? Volume2, assessing the implementation of recommendations made in 10 investigation reports published by the Office in the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021.

The reports covered a range of ACT and Commonwealth agencies including ACT Corrective Services, ACT Policing, the ACT Revenue Office, AFP, CSC, Defence, NDIA and Services Australia.

‘Our point-in-time assessments measure the progress made by 8 agencies to implement 73 accepted recommendations made in 10 reports’, said the Commonwealth Ombudsman, Mr Iain Anderson.

‘I am pleased to report that of the 73 recommendations accepted, 67 have either been fully or partially implemented.’

‘We can see that agencies are making improvements and doing things differently because of our recommendations,’ he said.

The report found that in response to the Ombudsman’s recommendations, agencies have:

  • updated policies and procedures
  • improved communication with customers
  • delivered staff training
  • initiated systems changes
  • improved quality assurance processes, record keeping and service delivery.

‘I would like to thank all the agencies involved for their cooperation with my Office throughout this project’, Mr Anderson said.

The agencies and reports covered by the report are shown below:




ACT Corrective Services

Parole processes at the Alexander Maconochie Centre

November 2020

ACT Revenue Office

Investigation into the transparency of commercial land valuation decisions in the ACT

August 2020

Australian Federal Police

Statement by the Commonwealth Ombudsman Michael Manthorpe on the Australian Federal Police's handling of allegations made about the Hon Angus Taylor MP

November 2020

Australian Federal Police/ACT Policing

ACT Policing's administrative framework for engagement with the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community — Volume oneVolume two

March 2021

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Investigation into the administration of the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits scheme

December 2019

Department of Defence

Defence's policies for receiving and responding to reports of abuse

August 2019

Department of Defence

Inquiry into behaviour training for Defence recruits

July 2020

National Disability Insurance Agency

Administration of NDIS funded assistive technology

August 2020

National Disability Insurance Agency

Investigation into the actions of the NDIA in relation to Mr C

February 2020

Services Australia

Services Australia’s Income Compliance Program

April 2021

The report can be found on the Commonwealth Ombudsman website here.


Carmen Miragaya, Acting Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Strategy Branch

Email: media@ombudsman.gov.au