Investigation into the dismissal of corruption reports by the ACT Integrity Commission - Special Report release


Investigation into the dismissal of corruption reports by the ACT Integrity Commission - Inspector Special Report

The ACT Ombudsman, in his role as Inspector of the ACT Integrity Commission, today provided the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly a special report detailing the outcome of an investigation into the Integrity Commission’s dismissal of corruption reports during the 2020-21 financial year.

It is the first time the Inspector has exercised the power to prepare a special report under section 275 of the Integrity Commission Act 2018 (ACT).

In August 2022, a former employee of the ACT Integrity Commission told the Inspector’s Office that corruption reports received by the Commission were not being properly assessed and there were concerns with the Commission’s governance and procedures.

The Inspector’s investigation identified gaps in how the Commission assessed and dismissed some corruption reports, including instances where the Commission did not follow its own practices and procedures, kept insufficient records of reasons for dismissing corruption reports or for disclosing information, and failed to consider appropriate mechanisms for external referral.

The Inspector made seven recommendations aimed at improving the Commission’s policies, procedures and practices to:

  • assess corruption reports and determine appropriate actions
  • disclose information
  • ensure sufficient records are kept of the reasons for decisions to demonstrate relevant considerations were made according to the requirements of the Act.

The full report is available on the publications page of the ACT Ombudsman’s website:

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Download the PDF media release.

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